Winters Day in the Forbidden Country:


"...Emerging from the undergrowth I laid my eyes on the Forbidden Country. I touched the dark night with out-stretched hands and in a constellation-flash gold began to seep from the ground and glitter in a newly rising sun."

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A Journey to a Homeland, North Point by Hiroyasu Nakai:
​(Book Review)


"...I’ve been to [Hachinohe City] North Point, a thousand times, and simultaneously none: I know the people but not their names; I know the food but not the taste; I’ve seen the weathers but not felt their touch; each season transforms place, but I can’t remember the spring; I know each street, but have never walked them, nor know where they lead."

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I Wrote to You to Find My Love:

"With each letter I wrote I further found myself lost in my labyrinth-like mind, each pen-stroke led to a new dead-end, so fresh in it’s concrete stubbornness that I was rebound to face again the minotaurs' trials."

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